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Texas, the home of southern blues, rock and just damn good music. That's where we come from the roots of great music from Robert Johnson to ZZTop. If we can feel it we play it.

Rick Troutman


Rick's passion for playing guitar began when he was only 12 years old. He listened to British performers that introduced him to American Blues and since then Rick has never been the same. Although a blues aficionado, you can hear influences in Rick's solos from Freddie King to Jimi Hendrix. "Music is deeply embedded in my soul and I'm thankful I get the opportunity to share my gift to so many people" 

Scott Callis


Scott is passionate about music especially the cool sounds of a guitar.  Having started his playing career early in life, Scott has grown to enjoy a variety of music genres to include Classic Rock, Latin, Gospel and Country music.  Scott says he loves blending alternative chording with progressive technics to make sweet sounds for both the rhythm electric and acoustic guitar.  I love to accompany a musician whether it's guitar or keyboards in a way that really brings the music to life.  When done right the music is unstoppable.    

Jerry Steed


Just that tall, good looking guy in the back trying to keep everyone going. Old hippie that loves to play the bass especially classic rock,and blues rock!


Ted Linich


Around 2005 my wife mentioned to me that I probably needed another hobby, but I never dreamed that I’d end up playing drums in a rock band.  I've played drums too far back to mention the date.  To hook up with a great group of guys (past and present) plus making this kind of music - it doesn’t get any better than this and we’re having one hell of a time!   The only thing that comes close to this experience is sitting on the beach sippin a tall cool one! My musical interests include Classic Rock, blues and country. I enjoy my family, the beach and my corvette. Favorite quotes are : "It only costs a nickel more to go first class" and "Contrary to popular belief Tequila is not your friend".   

Kaleb Tirman


Kaleb's unique voice and stage presence sets him apart from other singers. His energy is nonstop to get our fans up and moving during a performance.

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March 23, 2019
Old Town Brewhouse

7pm - 10 pm

Lewisville, Texas


June 7, 2019

7pm -9pm
Concert on the Green
Lantana, Texas


June 15, 2019 


Dallas, Texas

7pm -11pm


July 13, 2019

Old Town Brewhouse

7pm - 10pm

Lewisville, Texas


July 17, 2019

Maverick Harley Davidson

6pm - 9 pm

Carrollton, Texas


September 14, 2019

Rockin' S Bar & Grill

Grapevine Lake, Texas

7pm - 10pm


September 21, 2019

Old Town Brewhouse

Lewisville, Texas

7pm - 10pm


October 5, 2019

Firehouse 52

Aubrey, Texas 

8:30pm - 12:30am


October 11, 2019

Allen Americans Hockey Game

Allen Event Center

Allen, Texas

6pm - 9pm


October 16, 2019

Maverick Harley Davidson

Carrollton, Texas 

6pm - 8:30 pm


October 19, 2019

Old Town Brewhouse

By Request!

Lewisville, Texas

7pm -10pm

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December 7, 2019

Maverick Harley  Davidson

Carrollton, Texas 

11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


October 16, 2020

5th Annual Pumpkin Palooza

City of Corinth

5 p.m. - 6:30


Corinth, Texas 76210, United States

(972) 898-3879


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